NMC cMOOC presentation

How we do that thing we do

Portland, Oregon, 18 June 2014: The “Living The Dreams” team analytically performs a special session of UNIV 200’s digital engagement pilot.

Ted Nelson: Dream Builder

Ted Nelson: Computer Lib / Dream Machines

Ted Nelson builds dreams out of computers, film, documents, and the oceanic human mind. This interview explores how, and why, this dreamer has not let his dreams disappear.

Living The Dreams With Our UNIV200 Librarians

Living The Dreams With Our UNIV 200 Librarians

Research as conversation! A Google Hangout with librarians Jenny Stout and Laura Gariepy discussing how to find appropriate sources, search library databases, and channel enduring fascinations into lifelong learning.


Thought Vectors Interview with Alan Kay

Watch the archive as Gardner Campbell interviews Alan Kay — Almost 3 Hours of Concept Space Ideas

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Zero Talent Required


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On Finding a Better Middle Ground


Cause this ain’t it . . .
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How My Failure as a Teacher Began to Teach Me Lifelong Lessons.


I was a 2nd year teacher drop-out. I felt like a failure as a person and as a professional. Most of all, I felt like I had failed my high school science, biology and chemistry students.
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Open isn’t free: What are the costs


At OER16 we explored letting some of our presenters present virtually. This raises interesting questions about cost. Whilst virtual participants won’t eat your food or sit in your venue there […]
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The first line of my obituary will be…


…was a natural redhead and lived her life accordingly.
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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 3, Spatial Self

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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 2, Intimacy

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I don’t want to end the semester with my series unfinished so I will do […] Read More

Nuggeting Sources

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Connecting Nuggets

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Fisheries and sustainable resources of the ocean are important. Roughly 25% of the protein used […] Read More

Nuggeting sources

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This source– I actually found when doing research for a course I am taking about […] Read More

Source Nugget #2

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My second source is an article titled “Technology as a Vehicle for Educational Reform” written […] Read More